Here's to Remembering by Robert Hickerson

Here's to Remembering by Robert Hickerson


The Details

Here’s to Remembering, 2018

Digital Inkjet Print in Found Frame

16" x 20" (unframed), 17.5" x 21.5" (framed)

Edition 1/1

The Art

After a decade of keeping tabs on a crush from high school through social media, Hickerson decided in 2017 to meet up and realize a teenage fantasy. Though the chemistry was there, the communication was not, and the relationship withered after six months of making out. It was during this slow death that he created this series, alone in his room, yet again waiting on a text.

Here's to Remembering is a reflection on lingering unfulfilled desire and the damage caused by hoping for something that will never come.

The Artist

Robert Hickerson is an artist and photographer based in Brooklyn, NY. With a background in video and performance and a fascination with horror movies, he creates work that acts as a diary, making sense of symbols to make sense of people. With a recent focus on self-portraiture, and using saturation of color, he examines themes of violence, desire, privacy, and loss. A majority of this work is made within his bedroom closet. He grew up in the woods and is an Aquarius, rising Leo, moon Gemini.

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