The Girl Who Loves Roses exhibition curated by Kelsey and Rémy coincided with the release of the video they co-directed profiling the artist Panteha Abareshi. 

The video which premiered with Teen Vogue is the first episode in the series Under Her Skin produced by The Front, a female founded and run online video platform. Panteha Abareshi is a 17-year old illustrator from Tucson Arizona who uses art as a form of expression to cope with mental illness and chronic pain. By primarily drawing women of color and creating self portraiture she aims to increase the representation of women of color in the art world and de stigmatize women struggling with mental illness.


Created by sister curatorial/directing team Rémy and Kelsey Bennett and produced by The Front, Under Her Skin profiles a selection of female artists focusing on their creative process and personal stories. By shining a light on the importance that art plays in women’s lives as a form of self-expression and connection to a community at large they plan to create a forum that promotes support, communication, and serves as a springboard for action.

With this first video piece the filmmakers are hoping to emphasizes the transformative power of art and its vital role in our society. With funding for the arts under attack by the current administration, as filmmakers The Bennett’s feel an even greater sense of urgency to create stories that speak to the importance of support for  the arts  in our communities and especially with our youth.

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