Inner Goddess Necklace by Niett Metals

Inner Goddess Necklace by Niett Metals


The Details

Exclusively available for “Say it with Power,” The Inner Goddess Necklace was inspired by “Say it with Power’s” curatorial mission statement. A brilliant azure moonstone set with 10kt gold slices on sterling silver sits at the middle of the necklace. A 14-inch extendable Italian sterling silver choker completes the piece.

Moonstone is associated with one’s Inner-Goddess. This piece celebrates all that Hansberry did not display to the world with an emphasis on her sexuality and the support for women’s financial and sexual independence as anonymous letter-writer, L.H.N or L.N.

Handmade in Mississippi by Niett Metals.

The Artist

Niett Metals is a collection of wearable odes to women of the past and present. Intended to be a steady reminder of the wearer’s own inner-power, vested by the knowledge of women’s resilience. Each piece is designed and made by hand in Mississippi using sustainable methods and materials. Mementos of the past as powers for the present.

Nicole Harlow is the goldsmith and designer behind Niett Metals. Raised in Dallas, Texas, her most liberating memories come from seasons spent in the mountains and deserts of New Mexico, to which she attributes much of her design influence and regard for the artisan process. She now lives with a gin-distiller, a pit bull, and a cat in Taylor, Mississippi, down the street from Niett Metal's studio and showroom.  

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